Booking Procedures

Booking Procedure

Procedure to get admitted at Gokul Nature Cure Centre:

  • You can tentatively reserve your stay through phone call or email.
  • You can send your booking deposit through Demand Draft / Payable At Par Cheque / Money order / by Cash in person or by depositing the amount in the bank to confirm your booking. Booking deposit for different accommodation category is: Delux room Rs. 6000/-, Special Room Rs. 4000/-, General Ward Rs.2000/-.
  • We will give your booking confirmation details via phone call, Whats-app, email or post after you submit the application form and booking deposit.
  • This application form will be scrutinized to ascertain the eligibility criteria to get admitted at the centre. Gokul Nature Cure Centre reserves all the rights of admission, discharge, extension or Cancellation of your stay at the centre.
  • In case of booking cancellation or any changes in the dates of booking, following rules will apply:
Cancellation More than Days Days Less than
Before 21 days 16 to 21 8 to 15 8 days
Refund % 90% 70% 50% 20%

  • The admission deposit is to be paid on the day of arrival for admission at the centre.
  • Minimum 10 days stay is essential at the centre. According to rules a 10 days expense will be charged even if the health seeker discontinues the stay before 10 days.
  • It is preferred that the health seeker arrives before 9:00 am at the centre on the day of admission.

Things to carry with on your arrival at Gokul Nature Cure Centre:

It is mandatory to bring the following with you while arrival:

  1. Booking confirmation letter.
  2. Photo ID proof like Passport / Adhar card / Election card
  3. One Passport size Photograph.
  4. Last medical reports if any and present medicines going on.

It is preferred that you come with the following:

  1. Warm clothes for winter, loose clothes for yoga sessions, females wearing sarees will need leggings / pyjama for yoga & physio sessions.
  2. One set of bed sheet with blanket will be provided from the centre. Any extra requirement is to be brought by the health seekers.
  3. The health seekers should bring their personal necessities like Tooth brush & paste, Bath soap, Napkin, Towel, Torch etc.
  4. The health seeker is advised not to bring expensive items like jewellery, Cameras, Mobile phones, Laptops etc. Centre will not be responsible for any such losses.