Gokul Nature Cure Centre
Gokul Nature Cure Centre

Hiral  G. Makwana


I would say my '' Great Karmas'' brought me here rather my disease, so it would not be exageration.

Kamlesh sir and  Kiran mam, you two as usual have boost up my confidence and faith like anything. You two hae been proved always inspiration for me and here meeting you two as the bestest part of my journey here. Thanks again for such care and love you gave to me.

Evening prayer sessions: Those are the most awarening part of the day for complete patients that keep us motivated and create happening atmosphere

 food: Though in naturopathy food is tasteless and as one dont expect much; here varieties which are served, all look tasty and yummy. And presence and attention of kiran mam adds one more star to the dining area.

treatment : All the staff members are too enthusiastic. if you dont go or forget, they themselves remind you. keep proper track of time, check that effectiveness is restored.

Centre: Accommodation and surrounding takes away half of the pain of patient.

Love the improvisation, Love to visit again soon.


Gokul Nature Cure Centre



The main reason for coming to Gokul Nature Cure was Detox and skin problem which really helped me. Along with that it cured many things like positivity, Value, Calmness. I liked the most is smile on each and every faces since first day. Every person all the staff are always smiling and that’s sign of positivity. Climate over here is too good. Had really good experience. Thanks to everyone.

Gokul Nature Cure
Gomta, Ta- Gondal, District- Rajkot. Gujarat - India.

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