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Gokul Nature Cure Centre


Dietetics is the science of applying knowledge in food and nutrition to improve and maintain good health. Right diet can work wonders and has tremendous curative power.

According to nature cure the main cause of disease is the accumulation of toxins in the body. The body helps to heal within. But our dietary habits are such that the maximum energy is used by the digestive system to digest food that we eat. Hence very less amount of energy works for the healing process going on in the body. So the other system organs, due to lack of rejuvenating energy gets overloaded. It is essential to help the body in cleansing by diverting the energies from digestion to the different parts of body where really needed. To give rest to the digestive organs and utilize the energy saved in the constructive process of the body. For this an individual needs to change his dietary habits, simplify the diet to such that it easily gets digested.

Eliminative Diet

Diet like different type of fasting - fruit fasting, juice fasting or water fasting is known as eliminative diet which help to eliminate toxins from the body.

Soothing Diet

Diet like raw salads, green leafy vegetables, boiled vegetables, soups, vegetable juices, fruits juice, gruels, limited quantity of rice and wheat preparations, butter milk and green chatnis is known as soothing diet which give soothing effect in internal systems of body.

Constructive Diet

After cleansing process one can move on constructive diet like full meal which consists of cereals, sprouts, legumes, vegetables, curd and bulky fruits.


Fasting is essential in all most all the diseases. One can do fruit fasting, Juice fasting, lemon water fasting, only on water fasting. The type of fasting is decided after considering the health seekers physical and mental condition to bear it.

The food taken during fasting contain low fat and is rapidly degraded. The body starts burning the stored reserve fat in it to get energy.

Fasting detoxifies and purifies the entire body. During this process symptoms like tastelessness, mouth odour, coated tongue, vomiting, mild ache in stomach, low grade fever, giddiness, exhaustion etc may occur. All these symptoms indicate that, detoxification process is going on well in the body. The body is trying to throw away the collected morbid matter through different channels of the body. All the changes that occur in the organs help the body to maintain its healthy and normal function. It is advised to continue fasting till the appetite becomes normal, tongue gets clear and patient feels energetic again. It accelerates the metabolism and rejuvenates the body.

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