Gokul Nature Cure Centre
Gokul Nature Cure Centre

Laughing Therapy

Children laugh about 300 times a day while adults laugh only 17 times. Smiling is a mild and silent form of laughter.

Laughter eases the mind, defuses tension among people and gives positive physiological effects on health seekers. There are very good results of therapeutic use of laughter, humor and tears to reduce stress.

Even during the hardest and stressful time of life, it is important that laughter and humor should continue to be a part of daily life for all.

  • It increases the immunity of the body as it increases the antibodies to fight against infections.
  • Muscle relaxation: initially, all muscles that are not involved in laughing gets relaxed and then relax the muscles that were involved during laughter.
  • Increases the pain threshold capacity of the health seeker.
  • It is a brain stimulating exercise.
  • Brings down the stress level, dissolves anger and bring people together.
  • It is helpful in general physical and mental detoxification. It is now widely accepted that laughter cures and that one who laughs lives longer.
  • It helps in the recovery from any disease and can also prevent it. Laughter gives similar effects like physical exercise.
  • Laughing pumps extra adrenalin in the blood which results in less stress with all round good feeling.
  • A good laugh prompts the brain to block the manufacturing of immune suppressors and increases the beta endorphins; the natural pain killer produced in the body. The happy feeling with laughter creates a positive chemical response in the body.
  • It gives a feeling of aliveness and well being.
  • It keeps you in the presence of mind situation with pleasure.
  • It brings detachment from the continuous stress and other problems of life to work through.
  • A person with an understanding the importance of humor in life is more flexible to what comes in life.

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