Gokul Nature Cure Centre
Gokul Nature Cure Centre

Other Therapies

Castor oil Pack

Castor oil pack is placed on the abdomen with a heating compress on it for at least one hour.

It helps to improve detoxification process, lymphatic circulation, uterine congestions, ovarian health and reduce inflammation.

Mustard Plaster

Mustard powder 1 portion and 4 portion rice flour mixed together with water to make a smooth applicable paste. The affected area is greased with oil and then the paste is applied to it. This application may cause little burning or skin irritation problem. If the burning is none bearable then tapper the treatment and wash it with lots of cold water.

Duration: 1 hour

Mustard plaster or mustard pack is used to treat pains, swelling, Arthritis, Gout, Sciatica, also useful in treating chest and lung congestions. The mustard plaster can help to cough out the phlem in your lungs. It stimulates the blood circulation and gives the anti inflammatory effect to the applied portion. Mustard plaster is helpful to mature the boils and drain them fast.

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